Vaccination Clinics

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Many dangerous infectious diseases can be prevented or lessened in severity with a proper vaccination program. No vaccine is 100% effective, but regular vaccinations are the most effective way to prevent such diseases. Protect your pet from common viruses with annual vaccinations at our low-cost clinics.

Print off time-saving vaccination request forms for your pet:

NOTE: All cats must be in carriers (cardboard carriers can be purchased at Animart for $5.99) and all dogs must be on leashes. Some vaccinations and services not available at all locations, please call.

Contact our veterinary department at or 608.242.2140 ext 4223 with any questions.

In order to receive a 3 year rabies vaccination, you must bring documentation of a prior rabies vaccination. Rabies tags CANNOT be accepted as proof of prior vaccination.

Due to a manufacturing shortage, the Ferret Distemper vaccine is temporarily out of stock. We apologize for the incovenience.